Material Expertise

Broad Portfolio

From design through manufacturing, our deep experience across a broad portfolio of materials and processes means the best solution for your packaging requirements.

    • Aluminum, rigid plastic containers and cutlery
    • Extensive experience with a broad range of materials including PETE, PP, OPS, HIPS, PS, PLA and aluminum.
    • Materials to cover a full range of temperature applications from freezer to oven and microwave.
    • Proprietary C-Fine™ PS material with micro-cell structure for improved insulating and materials properties.
    • Exclusive C-Green® Filled PP material utilizes significantly less resin for lower cube and reduced shipping cost.
    • Anti-fog application technology for PP, OPS and HIPS.
    • Product lamination capabilities include dual lamination capabilities and provide oxygen barrier, film seal and decorative finishes.
    • Additional capabilities include condiment fill technology, printed straw wrapping, and printed kitting for cutlery, napkins, straws and condiments.
    • Research in BioPolymers.
    • Renewable Materials:
      • NaturesPLAstic® containers made from Ingeo™ PLA biopolymer
      • (Ingeo™ is a trademark of NatureWorks LLC)