Our Story

About Us

D&W Fine Pack: Our Story


Be great and act with integrity.


Be the supplier of choice when our customers are delivering their next generation offering to the marketplace.


  • Customer Focused
  • Collaborative
  • Cutting Edge


  • Shared Leadership
  • Partner with the companies that are impacting the food industry.
  • Build a business that allows our customers to achieve the goals they have set for their markets and their communities.


  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Productivity

Finding Our Special

At D&W Fine Pack we set out to be different, to be special. As a company, we put in the hours to discover what that means. Our special, is our promise to live up to the highest of standards, to be great and act with integrity. Our special means we will be the supplier of choice for our customers, and we will deliver—every time.

But what makes us unique? Beyond our amazing people, a national footprint, and products that span across plastics, aluminum, and cutlery, we have unparalleled engineering capabilities. Each customer has the opportunity to sit with our team of engineers and to design custom products that meet their specific needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to not only ideate, but to create the physical products we deliver to our customers.

We are dedicated to upholding our four core values: to be the supplier of choice, to create a national footprint, to produce quality products, and to provide custom solutions. We invite you to experience the difference, to experience a new kind of supplier. We invite you to experience our special.