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D&W Fine Pack Introduces New TamperSmart Packaging Product Line

D&W Fine Pack Introduces New TamperSmart Packaging Product Line

WOOD DALE, Ill., Sept. 4, 2018 – D&W Fine Pack, a leader in foodservice packaging, has expanded its line of TamperSmartTM brand packaging to provide even more products with tamper-evident features. The new addition of the SecureTabTM product line will offer foodservice operations and grocery stores more options for take-out and prepared-food applications.

In addition to SecureTab™, the TamperSmart™ family of tamper-evident packaging includes FreshServe® and VersaLock® containers and lids. Each product line features easy-open, easy-close inline security tabs that keep food fresh to maintain product integrity and offer consumer confidence. A crystal-clear, rib-free design maximizes product visibility and allows easy application of custom labels on smooth sidewalls. The efficient inline tabs and sturdy lids provide optimal stacking on the shelf or in the take-home bag. Additionally, TamperSmart™ containers and lids are made of recyclable PET resin with tabs that remain attached to the packaging after opening.

The new SecureTab™ has a seven-inch square footprint while FreshServe® is engineered with a compact four-inch square footprint. Both feature instructional, non-detachable pull tabs. VersaLock® offers a sleek rectangular shape with a unique, corner tab feature that maintains the clean design of the package when opened. The tabs enable consumers to quickly detect if a package has been opened before purchasing or consuming contents.

“The continued growth in the grab-and-go sector along with the changes in how meals are prepared and distributed are creating a demand for more convenient, innovative food packaging,” comments Keith Dunlap, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, of D&W Fine Pack. He notes that today’s consumers expect to-go meals to taste and look just as good as a dine-in experience, and packaging must meet their expectations. “Our TamperSmart™ packaging not only keeps cold and dry foods fresh, intact and appetizing, it provides a clear signal to consumers that their menu choices have not been compromised.”

About D&W Fine Pack®

D&W Fine Pack, a Mid Oaks investment portfolio company, is among the largest foodservice packaging firms in North America. The company continues to expand, providing a broad range of solutions in single-use containers, tableware, cutlery, straws and meal kits. As a committed leader in sustainability, D&W promotes eco-friendly packaging using renewable resources. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.dwfinepack.com.

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