Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Committed to Environmental Stewardship

At D&W Fine Pack we realize that our practices and products can affect the environment in which our employees, customers, and neighbors live.

We believe in limiting our environmental impact wherever possible, and remain ever conscious of our responsibility to uphold green manufacturing practices. We are committed to environmental responsibility and to our duties of environmental stewardship.

As a leader in the foodservice packaging industry, sustainability is an integral part of our day-to-day operations, which are managed and practiced with the express purpose of decreasing our environmental footprint to provide a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Our Manufacturing Process

Through our manufacturing process we have developed one of the largest green product lines available in the foodservice market. Our packaging uses a variety of recyclable, renewable materials, including 100 percent sugarcane fiber, PLA biopolymer and an active organic catalyst for accelerated degradation. Additional sustainable brands are made with PETE, filled PP and aluminum.

As we continue to create environmentally responsible food packaging, we are committed to assessing the current and future environmental impact of these products through life-cycle analysis to ensure that our products are produced in an environmentally ethical manner, with a focus on reducing our carbon footprint.

Taking Responsibility – Committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

Supply Operations

Achieving a Smaller Carbon Footprint

  • Less Fuel.
  • Fewer Emissions.
  • Better Air.

Our supply chain team is focused on improving our carbon footprint. Through constant evaluation and innovation of the ways our products reach our customers, we can ensure that we are using the greenest delivery measures available.

Material Innovation

Achieving Source Reduction

Our commitment to environmental stewardship is shown through our material innovation and our vigilance in maximizing material efficiencies and reducing our environmental impact.

Every stage of our process, from product development to product delivery, involves an integrated approach to sustainability. The design and manufacturing process of our products is constantly evaluated, allowing us to reduce our environmental impact at the source by minimizing the weight of our products and the amount of materials we use in production.

Materials Matters

Achieving Intelligent Material Use

Materials Matter, and at D&W Fine Pack we are taking responsibility for the choices we provided our customers and the materials we use. Our products are produced in an environmentally responsible and environmentally conscious manner.

Our products come with advantages, including beginning of life advantages, such as being less dependent on oil-based materials and end of life advantages that allow our products to be easily recycled and composted.


Sustainability Profile and D&W Impact
Broadly used for bottles and food packaging, PET is a rigid plastic material with great clarity. At D&W, more than 80% of the PET resin that we use is a combination of internally re-processed, post industrial and post consumer.

Material Attributes
Targeted toward cold food applications for fruit and deli, take-out, bakery and catering items where clarity is important. PET is recyclable in those communities that have recycling programs.


Sustainability Profile and D&W Impact
Polypropylene is a recyclable material in it’s original state and D&W has improved upon it one step further. C-Green is a combination of Polypropylene and Natural Ground Stone. C-Green has all of the attributes of Polypropylene along with a reduction of 30% in the use of oil based resin by adding natural ground stone in its place.

Material Attributes
Heat resistant material perfect for serving hot foods, microwaveable and recyclable in those communities that have Polypropylene recycling programs.


Sustainability Profile and D&W Impact
D&W’s proprietary patented process enables the design and manufacture of products using 10% less oil-based Polystyrene resin that are light-weight with great insulating properties.

Material Attributes
Light weight to reduce our carbon footprint yet offer great insulating properties to maintain the right temperature for both hot and cold food. These products are recyclable in the communities where the infrastructure exists to recycle PS products.


natures-plastic-iconSustainability Profile and D&W Impact
Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a renewable material, made from corn and can be made to be Compostable. D&W offers our own NaturesPlastic brand across several of our product families. PLA starts from a renewable source offering a beginning of life environmental story.

Material Attributes
Offers a beginning of life environmental benefit with great rigid plastic performance. Can be made to meet ASTM D6400 compostable standards offering an end of life advantage.


revive-iconSustainability Profile and D&W Impact
A molded fiber pulp made from a renewable material one of which may be sugar cane. D&W’s Revive brand is made from bagasse, a renewable material also referrend to as sugar cane. The Revive line isa full portfolio of plates, bowls and hinged containers.

Material Attributes
Revive offers an end of life compostable benefit where the infrastructure exists for composting. This material meets Biodegradable Products Institute (bpiworld.org) and ASTM D6400 or ASTM D6868; they will disinegrate and compost swiftly and safely in a professionally managed composting facility and not leave behind any non-compostable residues.


aluminum-iconSustainability Profile and D&W Impact
Aluminum is a widely used food packaging material offering an economic and environmental solution. At D&W, we employ a closed loop methodology! 100% of the aluminum material that we purchase contains both post industrial re-processed and post consumer material.  In addition,  any production scrap from our facilities is sold back to material manufacturers and put back into the process.

Material Attributes
Perfect for hot food applications, catering and bakery needs. Aluminum is durable, reusable, economic and highly recyclable.


enviroware-iconSustainability Profile and D&W Impact
D&W’s unique  foamed PolyStyrene material made with CO2 a naturally occurring gas, not a pentane blowing agent along with an additive to promote degradation.

Material Attributes
Heavy weight,  with smaller cells to increase density making them a perfect choice for schools and cafeteria programs.

At D&W we care about the environment and the footprint we leave. That means we believe in taking responsibility for the materials we use. D&W’s materials strategy for sustainable measures includes the incorporation of post-industrial and post-consumer resin whenever possible.

We are also firm believers in eliminating as much of our internal waste as possible and are focused on the recycling and reuse of our excess production materials including plastics, metals, packaging materials, and supplies.